Waste Assessments

The Allen County Department of Environmental Management offers waste assessments free of charge to local businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.



A waste assessment is an on-site evaluation of the waste stream and recycling potential of an organization. ACDEM can then assist in the implementation of a waste reduction program in the workplace.

Step 1: Overview

This guide, General Waste Assessment Recommendations , will help you get started on the process to develop, implement and maintain a waste reduction program.

Step 2: Waste Assessment Questionnaire

The Waste Audit Questionaire gathers information about current disposal methods, recycling programs, and trash contracts. It will help determine where you are currently and the goals you wish to set in relation to waste reduction. Submit questionnaire via fax (260-449-7716) or email jodi.leamon@co.allen.in.us.

Step 3: Schedule a Waste Assessment

Our staff will walk through your facility to assist in tailoring a recycling program to fit your organization’s specific needs. This optional service is free of charge.

Step 4: Get the Credit you Deserve! 

ACDEM encourages organizations to be recognized for their waste reduction. Customers appreciate your efforts, too. Please let us know about the progress you have made and we will share it!

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