Battery Recycling

The Allen County Solid Waste Management District, in partnership with Batteries Plus, has been working to collect old batteries containing hazardous materials since 1999.

The District collected over 14.6 tons of batteries in Allen County in 2016. Batteries contain heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc, lead and mercury that could potentially pollute our soil and groundwater.

This program is open to ALLEN COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY. Residents can drop off their used batteries at:

Batteries Plus Bulbs
105 W. Washington Center Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825

Umbers Do it Best
2413 Lower Huntington Road
2814 Maplecrest Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Batteries accepted by the program include:

Alkaline: radios, smoke detectors, toys
Lead Acid: automobiles
Lithium: cameras, pagers, keyless locks
Lithium-Ion: computers, cellular phones, watches
Mercury: hearing aids, watches, calculators, cameras
Nickel Cadmium: power tools, cordless phones
Nickel Metal Hydride: computers, cellular phones
Silver Oxide: watches, calculators, hearing aids

The next time you change the battery in your watch, television remote or smoke detector, take it to Batteries Plus Bulbs or either Umbers Do It Best Hardware store to be recycled and keep it out of the landfill!

For more information, please contact the District.