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When is TOX AWAY DAY?!?!?

Many of you have been calling to ask when this year’s Tox Away Day event will be held, only to be told that we don’t have a date for you yet.  THANK YOU so much for your patience!  We are working on a greatly improved program that will be ready to roll out SOON!

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date set for you just yet.  We can say that there will be many more opportunities for you to drop off your household hazardous materials in the very near future and that we are working hard to set up a safe and secure service for our community.  Please stay tuned!

The Fish Are NOT Happy!

Every year, Americans throw away millions of plastic straws.  They are not recyclable and never biodegrade.  Most of us don’t need them, yet use them for minutes then discard them to last forever.  Many straws make their way into rivers and can harm wildlife.  All of us can make the small change of saying, “No straw, please”  and challenging our friends and family to do the same.

This video is our reminder of what might happen if the fish decide to fight back.

Reduce Your Use: Plastic Straws

The best straw is no straw at all!  Most of us don’t need them.  Plastic straws make up a significant portion of the plastic pollution in our waterways and natural areas, where they pose a threat to wildlife.  Even if they are properly disposed of, plastic straws never go away; they are not recyclable and do not decompose.   This season, the Allen County Department of Environmental Management is asking you to say “No straw, please” when you go out for a beverage.

Look for our PSA to air on TV and social media for a fun look at how our local wildlife might react to plastic straws.

For those in the food service industry, local company Aardvark Straws will donate a restaurant pack of paper straws to try out for those who request them.  Just give us a call at 449-7879 for yours!

Individuals who would like to pledge to stop using plastic straws can find us out and about at events all spring and summer.  We have reusable stainless steel straws for those who would like them while supplies last and a cool way to document your commitment in our photo booth.  Some of the locations scheduled are here:

Purchasing options for buying your owns re-usable straws and cleaning brushes here.