Safe Disposal Guidelines


Use the following guide to determine how to properly
dispose of household hazardous wastes:

= This product can be recycled. Contact ACDEM for details at 260-449-7878.

S = This product should be saved until opening of the Household Hazardous Waste Facility in July.

= This product can be poured down the drain and flushed with plenty of water.
If you have a septic tank, check the label for any warnings about this method of disposal.

G = This product can be thrown out in the garbage.


Aerosol cans (empty) G
Aerosol cans (full) S
Ammonia based cleaners D
Drain cleaners D
Floor care products S
Furniture polish S
Metal polish S
Oven cleaner (lye based) D


Alcohol based lotions D
Bathroom cleansers D
Disinfectants D
Permanent lotions D
Hair relaxers D
Nail polish S
Nail polish remover S
Toilet bowl cleaner D
Tub and tile cleaner D


Antifreeze S, R
Auto body filler G
Batteries S, R
Brake fluid S
Car wax with solvent S
Diesel fuel S, R
Fuel oil S, R
Gasoline S, R
Kerosene S, R
Metal polish with solvent S
Motor oil S, R
Transmission fluid S, R
Windshield wiper fluid D


Fungicde S
Insecticide S
Rat, mouse, gopher poison S
Weed killer S


Paint brush cleaner w/solvent G, S
Paint brush cleaner w/TSP (Trisodium phosphate) S
Glue (solvent based) S
Glue (water based) D, G
Mineral spirits S, R
Paint – latex, dried hard G
Paint – latex, dry until hard G
Paint – oil based S, R
Paint – auto S
Paint thinner S, R
Paint stripper (solvent) S
Paint stripper (lye based) D
Primer S
Rust remover S
Turpentine S, R
Varnish S
Wood preservative S


Batteries, household S
Bullets (take to police or fire station)
Dry cleaning solvents S
Fiberglass epoxy S
Gun cleaning solvents S, R
Lighter fluid S
Moth balls S
Photographic chemicals (unmixed) S
Photographic chemicals (mixed) D
Septic tank degreasers S
Shoe polish G
Smoke alarms (return to manufacturer)
Swimming pool chemicals S
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