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Earth Day Network Green Your School Guide

Recycling Glass – How glass is made and why recycling glass is important and needed. Video and other resources for younger elementary students.

Recycling Plastics – What happens to the plastics you recycle? Several programs from the American Chemistry Council.

Recycling Paper – Information and statistics from the Paper Industry Association Council.

Recycling Electronics – Watch what happens to recycled electronics at Electronic Recyclers International.

Recycling Facts, Games and Crafts-   A fun-filled booklet about recycling, chock-full of information, games and crafts!

ReCommunity Recycling – A great resource for videos, infographics, and more links to learn about recycling.

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Have some empty small propane tanks on hand? They are not safe to put in the trash. You can take them to Lowe’s or… https://t.co/dUGbZQP2g8
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