Reasons to Recycle


SAVES ENERGY: Throwing away an aluminum pop can wastes as much energy as pouring out a can half-filled with gasoline!

SAVES NATURAL RESOURCES: Recycling one ton of newspapers saves 17 trees and 462 gallons of oil!

RECOVERS VALUABLE RESOURCES: A 2-liter pop bottle can be recycled into a T-shirt, carpeting, a park bench or another plastic bottle!

GENERATES LESS POLLUTION: Making paper from recycled paper reduces the pollution involved in the process by 95 percent!

CONSERVES LANDFILL SPACE: In Allen County, we produce enough trash each year to cover 250 acres, 3 feet deep with uncompacted trash!

CREATES JOBS: For every 10,000 tons of recycled material, 32 new jobs are created. Just sorting collected recyclable materials sustains, on a per ton basis, 10 times more jobs than landfilling!

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