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24th Annual Excellence in Waste Reduction Awards Luncheon

The Allen County Solid Waste Management District has been putting on the Excellence in Recycling Awards for 24 years. We do this to encourage businesses and nonprofits to reduce waste, reuse materials in creative ways, and to “close the loop” by using recycled materials.


A recent survey found that 98% of Allen County residents polled care about recycling, and studies have shown that companies that build sustainability into their core strategies outperform those that fail to show leadership in this area.1,2  Initiating waste saving measures can impress customers and save money.  Winning an Excellence in Recycling Award would allow you to show the results of the work you have put into meeting your triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The Awards are self-nominated, requiring some data collection from the past year and some background on your organization. So start now!

Winners will be announced at the Awards Luncheon on August 17. RSVP for the luncheon by August 8. The cost is $5. Please plan on attending our Awards Luncheon even if you are not able to enter this year. It is a great chance to meet other professionals who are making roads into waste reduction. We will also have a speaker who is an expert in the field of sustainability that you will not want to miss!


When:  Wednesday, August 17 at 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Where:  Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation at 10622 Parkview Plaza Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46845.


Closing The Loop Award honors organizations that purchase and use products made of recycled content or create and manufacture recycled-content products.  Business and Nonprofit categories.

The 3R Award recognizes programs that divert waste from landfills in one of the following ways: significantly reduce solid waste generated, develop methods to re-use resources, implement recycling programs. Business and Nonprofit categories.


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