Our Staff and Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Linda K. Bloom
Chair, Allen County Commissioner

Therese Brown
Secretary, Allen County Commissioner

Larry Brown
Allen County Council Representative

Don Gerardot
Vice Chair, Monroeville Town Board

Nelson Peters
Allen County Commissioner

Tom Henry
Mayor of Fort Wayne

Jason Arp
Fort Wayne City Council Representative

Staff Roster

Anthony Burrus
Office Telephone: 449-7265
E-mail: tony.burrus@co.allen.in.us

Stacie Hubbert
Program Manager
Office Telephone: 449-7880
E-mail: stacie.hubbert@co.allen.in.us

Jodi Leamon
Business Technical Coordinator
Office Telephone: 449-7879
E-mail: jodi.leamon@co.allen.in.us

Holly Kimpel
Community Education Coordinator
Office Telephone:  449-7877
E-mail: holly.kimpel@co.allen.in.us

Sara Moorman
Household Hazardous Waste Coordinator
Office Telephone: 449-7335
E-mail: sara.moorman@co.allen.in.us

Susan Keeler
Media Buyer/ Staff Assistant
Office Telephone: 449-7878
E-mail: susan.keeler@co.allen.in.us

Carol Strauss
Fiscal Officer/
Administrative Assistant
Office Telephone: 449-7265
E-mail: carol.strauss@co.allen.in.us

Bob Armstrong
Equipment Operator

William Fishering

News & Events
Awesome video on what happens to your electronics after recycling! Shredding Services - ERI https://t.co/mCDzNlY0RC via @YouTube
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