Who We Are


The Allen County Solid Waste Management District (the District) was established on April 2, 1991, when the Indiana State Legislature enacted House Bill 1240 requiring counties to form Solid Waste Management Districts. All Districts were charged with the responsibility of developing waste management/reduction  plans to decrease Indiana’s dependency on landfills.

Our Strategy…

To accomplish these objectives, the District identifies and designs programs to educate and promote the importance of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

These programs include: Tire Amnesty Day, Tox-Away Day, Christmas Tree Recycling,  Household Battery Recycling, Electronics Recycling, and Fluorescent Bulb Recycling.

In addition to education, the District provides business and local government with financial incentives to expand recycling and composting programs in Allen County. Our Diversion Credit Program supports local recyclable material processors by making it economically feasible to process and deliver recyclable materials to industry.

Board of Directors…

The district is governed by a seven-member board, as required by statute, consisting of the following:

• The three Allen County Commissioners
• Mayor of the City of Fort Wayne
• A Representative of the Allen County Council
• A Representative of the Fort Wayne City Council
• A Representative of other Allen County communities, appointed by the Commissioners

The board conducts monthly meetings and has the responsibility of approving all financial matters, hiring staff, creating policy and adopting ordinances as needed to carry out the District’s programs.

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