Our Mission

Watch our latest PSA that encourages Allen County residents to consider reusing utensils vs. pitching them in the trash after a moment of use. Plus, plastic utensils are NOT accepted in recycling programs in Allen County. Bring your own (BYO) utensils in your bag, purse, or backpack when going out. Encourage businesses to stop serving single-use plastics unless requested and challenge your friends to do the same!


Assist the community of Allen County, Indiana, in reducing its environmental footprint, and facilitate best practices for reusing, recycling, and composting.


To achieve zero waste of resources in Allen County.


ACDEM identifies and designs programs and public service announcements to educate and promote waste reduction, reusing, recycling right, and composting in our community.

Programs & Services:

ACDEM provides businesses and local governments with financial incentives to expand recycling and composting programs in Allen County. Our Diversion Credit Program supports local recyclable material processors by making it economically feasible to process and deliver recyclable materials to industry.

How to Get Involved

Allen County residents, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to
get involved with ACDEM in the following ways:

Community Guidelines

Review our Community Guidelines here: https://bit.ly/2MSP2OI 

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